What Happens If the Printer Has a Toner Cartridge Error? 

Lenovo/brother drum powder separation printers such as Brother MFC-L2700DW with tn630 tonershow ”toner cartridge error, please press the instructions troubleshooting and routine maintenance chapter”, what will you do if you meet this situation? Don’t panic, I will you show the solutions about that.

There are two reasons for this error messages in general:
1.     The ink powder in box cartridge is running out, and you need to add toner powder and clear zero for powder cartridge.

2.     The toner counter needs to be clear.

For the first reason: (add powder and powder cleared to zero) if there is powder in the power cartridge, go directly to step 2:
Step 1: when the machine is turn off, open the front cover, remove the toner cartridge, separate drum and powder box. There is a lid of powder barn, remove the waste powder from the inside of the powder by using the nose pliers to remove the powder from the inside, then pour the powder into the powder storage and close the lid and add into the toner.

Step 2: On the left side of the powder box is a card, remove the three screws on the left side of the box, rotate the card to the other side, and restore the screw on the left side of the box, then clean the powder cartridge.

For the second reason: (clear the drum frame and replace a new one)
Step 1: in the boot state, open the front cover and press the “clear/black” button, the screen will show “replace the toner cartridge? Yes No”. The screen prompts “accepted” on the panel, after pressing the button on the panel (corresponding to the”+” key button), and then the upper lid is warmed up and entered in the ready state. At this time, the drum frame cleared successfully.

Step 2; if the screen shows that ”drum mistake…” information, I suggest you to replacement of toner drum and repeat the step 1 operation. Then the problem can be solved with.

Appearing drum error, clean up the clean corona wire
Printer tips is because the wire below the powder under the barbed wire don't clean out. After you cleaning up the toner, you have to use a small flat screwdriver to open the first small silver in the
toner cartridge side of the rocker under the circlip. When pull out the middle bearing (a bar), you can take down the photosensitive drum (commonly known as drumstick) then you can see the clean corona wire after removing the barbed wire. On the side of the toner barbed wire there is a card pin, it’s plastic, and you can use flat mouth slowly cocked it down and finally you can take down the barbed wire.

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