Drum Powder Separation Technology, Brother Toner can Be Trusted

Recently, the printing market can be described as surging, there is a factory "hard" or not to launch a lot of new products, new strategies. A new product, naturally, the industry broke apart, crumbled to carry out research.
For example, the new entry-level A4 product uses a separate toner cartridge designed to separate toner cartridges, purportedly to reduce consumable costs by 60%. As a result, drum powder supplies can be said to occupy the market mainstream design. But when it comes to playing drum powder separation, brother is the real deserve you trust.
Toner separation, like the new generation-tn760 toner, that is, toner cartridges and toner cartridge can be replaced
We all know that cartridge life is often several times that of toner cartridges, which can reach tens of thousands of pages. Since the 90s of last century, brothers in the laser printing products using toner separation technology, is to take full advantage of the print cartridge life.
A single replacement toner cartridge cheap, reducing waste and protecting the environment but also save one-page printing costs for users. The cost is reduced, thus reducing the user's use of compatible supplies, caused by the machine, print quality, body and other multi-directional damage.
Brothers full range of laser printing products such as the Brother toner cartridges, are supported drum separation technology. Brothers as an expert in this road, the future, will also provide you with faster, more practical laser printing products, and drum powder separation design, but also to benefit end-users as a good idea, good design has been insisted going forward, and they will continuously provide our customers with excellent value and service. And the best printed results will be always designed for customers! 
Try to use Brother toner cartridges to enjoy the incredible printouts and enjoy the most reliable printing results all the time. 

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