Two Big Mistakes of High Quality Printing Consumables Purchase

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the printer is no longer just a device on the office. We often see it in the family life because it brings us more and more convenience. As printers are increasingly used in their lives, many of the printer's affiliates quickly fill the market.
Printing supplies is one of the most typical ancillary products, because it is a must for printer work. Each time the printer prints things will actually consume the printing supplies, until the end of their lives, can not print normally. In the printing supplies market can be: the price is very expensive genuine original supplies, the performance is very different from the original authentic but cheaper than its compatible supplies, as well as the cheapest but the performance is not flattering inferior fake consumables. Generally compatible supplies only one-third the cost of original supplies, inferior fake consumables priced at only one-sixth of original supplies, or even lower.
The face of so many printing supplies on the market, how do we choose the high cost, suitable for their own use? This is also the most concern for print users. People often buy unknowingly price misunderstanding, how to avoid it? Today, let me here to explain to everyone under the error of buying printing supplies, so that everyone in the purchase to be a shrewd consumer.
Misunderstanding 1: the original genuine must be good
Over time, the technical strength of universal supplies more and more abundant. In some circulation time longer printer supplies, general supplies have achieved with the original supplies keep pace with the impressive results in the manufacturing compatible quality printer consumables such as brother dr730.
Misunderstanding 2: Compatible with supplies can not be printed colorful, complex level of the pictures
In most users' minds, the picture printing is much more difficult to print than the text because of the rich colors and complicated layers, so the universal supplies can not cope with such high-demand printing.
Although this concept has some factual basis, it has also too much subjective guesswork. A veteran insider pointed out that it is undeniable that some GM vendors whose expertise lies in text printing are therefore not good at printing pictures. However, some other GM manufacturers have deep and specialized research in picture printing and their printing quality is no worse than that of original products. Such as some well-known generic printing supplies, like quality compatible brother HL-L2350DW toner with high print resolution, print pictures clear and bright, the print effect and the original cartridge regardless of the upper and lower print cycles, not less than the original supplies.
In summary, the only choice when printing supplies to avoid errors, choose the most suitable solution for their own is the fundamental way.

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