What If the Printer Can't Print?

Today, printers are one of the most commonly used office supplies, and there are quite a few people who believe printers are used. However, in the event of a printer failure, suddenly can’t print, how to do this? Wait to repair it? If an urgent document needs to be printed immediately, it is not a delay. In fact, the printer sometimes can be very simple fault repair, if it is a small problem, and we solve it on the OK friends. Well, let's get back to business. Let's see how to fix a simple printer problem.
Is the printer cable connector loose?
This is the simplest case, just check the printer data communications connection, and you can check the printer connection cable interface is loose. Try plugging in new cables if you have a new one, or connect the printer to another computer for testing. After completing these steps, if the printer can’t connect to the host, you should consider other aspects of the problem. Also you can make the wise solutions according the printer models, like you can check whether your brother toner cartridges has run out in your printer or whether the HP printers and cartridge have the work problems.
Is the computer poisoned?
How to determine the virus caused the failure of it, just find a virus-free system disk, start the computer from the A drive. Check the printer and the host can be online at this time. If the normal online, it is most likely that some can attack the computer hardware caused by the virus can run soft and other antivirus software anti-virus treatment, you can troubleshoot.
Whether the printer is set as the default printer
If the printer is not the default printer, it can cause unprintable behavior. To set the printer as the default printer, follow these steps: 1. Click the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, click Printers, open the Printer window. 2. Right-click the printer icon, the system pop-up menu, click one of the "Set as Default".
The printer port is set incorrectly
Printer port settings are also one of the reasons why the printer cannot print. Repair steps are as follows: 1. In the "Printers" window, right-click the printer icon, and then click "Properties." 2. Click the Detail tab, in the Print to the following port box, which can make sure the printer is set to the appropriate port. The most common port is set to "LPT1", there are printers using the USB port.3. Whether the cartridge in the right position. After a long time use, the cartridge may not in the wrong position when you hit it incorrectly, so if you find your Brother DCP-L2550DW can’t work, you are supposed to check out your tn760 toner. 
These are some common printer troubleshooting methods, the above failure if the above method can’t be repaired, it may be a big problem, so had to contact a professional to repair it

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