The Solution to the Internal Card of a Brother's Printer

The most common problem with the printer is a paper jam. When this kind of trouble occurs, the indicator lamp on the operation panel will light and send an alarm signal to the host computer. There are many reasons for this failure, such as debris in the paper output path, paper rollers and other parts failure, paper tray does not feed, sensor failure, etc., to eliminate this failure is very simple, just open the lid, remove the jammed paper can be, but be careful, you must press the paper feed direction, never turn any knob in the opposite direction. If you frequently get jammed, check the paper path to clear debris from the output path, and the front edge of the paper should be just above the metal plate. 
Problems with jams are common with office output devices such as printers. There are two main reasons that cause paper jams, one is the problem of printing paper, and the paper will produce certain changes depending on the office environment. When placing paper, smooth the edges of the paper with hand and tightly hold both sides of the paper with a piece of cardboard. Do not put too much print paper in the printer's paper feed unit at one time. Do not always expose the paper to the office environment, which can be effectively avoided jam. However, the paper jam still occurred, the processor does not have to worry. Like Brother DCP-L2500D printer, firstly you should open the laser printer flip, remove the tn660 toner cartridge, the left side of the printer green switch up, so you can expand the gap of the paper.
Gently pull out the jammed paper with both hands. At this time, be careful not to force too hard, so as not to pull off the paper. Once the paper breaks, the remaining paper will be very bad. Once the remaining paper in the printer is not removed In this print will bring more problems; not to use sharp things to take, so as to avoid damage to the laser printer or brother toner cartridges. When the laser printer jams, there is often some toner scattered in the printer, making the shots often black and white. At this time only need to print more than a few test pages, bring out these toner will be fine. Too much dirt in the paper path will cause the printed paper to deface. In the process of cleaning the printer, first open the lid of the laser printer, remove the toner cartridge, and then use a clean soft and soft cloth gently wipe back and forth into the unit roller and print cartridge, remove the paper dust and dust, be careful not to use organic solvents, Otherwise be kind-hearted bad things.

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