Daily Maintenance of Office Consumables Toner

Daily Maintenance of Office Consumables Toner
At present, there are two kinds of common laser printer consumables in the market. One is the drum powder separation types like hp 400x, the other is the drum powder one-piece such as brother tn630. The advantages of laser printers are obvious, and as the price of the whole machine continues to decline, it has become more and more popular among the people's families. Printers are used by the current users who have a fixed number of year, so the common failures are relatively more, little the below to recommend some common laser printer repair and maintenance skills, attention, cognitive reference for everyone learning:
1. Repair of cartridges
Toner cartridges are important parts of the printer, which can be damaged easily. After the damage of toner cartridges, the cartridges and fine lines will appear on the printed products. If the damage is not significant, the toothpaste can be repaired. Apply a few toothpastes to the damaged part with a soft silk cloth, and grind with the cotton wool. This method is suitable for repairing the small dot and fine scratches that occur in the appearance of the cartridge.
2. How to solve the laser printer multi page feed
When the printer leaves the paper and prints it to a page, it leaves a piece of paper, and then prints it automatically. This is often due to the use of printers for a long time, the paper detection switch contact due to wear and dust into the poor contact, resulting in the printer to make a wrong judgment. Open the printer to find the paper detection switch, carefully clean it with alcohol, then it can be restored to normal.
3. Laser consumables and adding carbon powder tips
In the process of adding powder, if the powder is not noticed or reversed, it is easy to break the spring. If you accidentally broke can use electric welding or homemade a mount, it is important to note that the spring when it is assembled and end cover contact is good, you can use a multi meter test, end cover sheet and outside magnetic conduction stick. Always remember to install the spring that is outside the toner cartridges, or print the whole white, and finally pack the toner cartridges. When you replace of brother toner cartridge, please remember to clean the toner cartridge and the drum unit after you finish adding toner, because the drum unit and the toner cartridge is separate and when you replace the new toner you don’t need to move the drum unit.

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